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Adjust Your Air Conditioning Temperature with Household Changes

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Most Kids Are In School – Update Your Thermostat Settings

Most schools in the area resumed classes the week of August 6th. This gives a perfect example of an opportunity to update your air conditioning temperature settings. If you have a programmable thermostat, make use of it! If you don’t have one, call Energy Savers for information. They’ll be happy to explain which thermostat best suits your needs.

Benefits of Air Conditioning Temperature Changes

If your household routine changes every August, you may have fewer people home during the day. Of course, there’s no need to cool the house for people who aren’t there. Instead of turning the air conditioning unit off, raise the temperature. For example, the difference in energy costs for air conditioner operation at 78 degrees versus 70 is staggering!
Another tactic is to make use of ceiling fans. When you run the fan, you increase the airflow. You also feel the breeze, which helps to evaporate perspiration. This creates the feeling of “coolness.”
When you use a fan, you can increase your air conditioning temperature to 80 or 82 degrees without noticing a major difference. Use an Energy Star-rated fan for the most efficiency.
Sometimes we lower the air conditioning temperature to the point of overworking the AC unit. This leads to overuse, as well as premature wear and tear. Worst case, it triggers a need for repairs and the chance of an inconvenient breakdown.

The Thermostat is Your Air Conditioning Temperature Wingman

One of the most popular HVAC technology advancements is the programmable thermostat. It communicates more efficiently with your HVAC system, providing more accurate temperature readings.
The features of programmable thermostats vary. Most allow settings to reflect a weekday, weekend and vacation mode. Choose your settings to adjust for working or school hours, the time of the family’s return and the desired sleeping air conditioning temperature. Gone most weekends for errands or travel sports? Again, no need to cool the house if no one is there.
If you have pets, use caution when setting your thermostat to leave for vacation. Consult your veterinarian for appropriate temperatures for your pet.
Advanced models use Wi-Fi connectivity. This is convenient if your plans change. You can adjust your air conditioning temperature from the airport or from work. Already tucked yourself in bed and don’t want to come downstairs? Use the app on a smartphone to adjust it.

Keep Air Conditioning Temperature Comfort with Priority Service Plans

At Energy Savers, we care about your safety and comfort. Sign up for a Priority Service Plan , and put your routine maintenance on “auto-pilot.” We’ll visit at least twice year to perform tune-ups and safety checks of your cooling and heating equipment.
We offer three plan levels with various features and benefits. Choose the one to best fit your budget and needs.

Call Energy Savers for All HVAC Repair, Service and Replacement

For more than 40 years, Energy Savers has helped home and business owners achieve ultimate air conditioning temperature comfort. We also service and repair all brands of HVAC equipment and provide air quality solutions.
If you would like a free estimate on a new air conditioner, please call us . Financing is available for new air conditioning and heating units. It’s better to install a new and more efficient system today, especially if it allows you to save money on energy bills. Give yourself the gift of improved safety, air quality and comfort.
We get up every day to provide quality products and great customer service in and around Columbus, Georgia and Opelika, Alabama. For better comfort and healthy air, call us for air conditioner help today.