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Do Ductless AC Units Save Money?

Quiet, Efficient and Heat Too!

When you’re ready to install a new air conditioning unit, you have options at a range of costs and features, including ductless AC. It is important to understand the benefits of all your options and to choose the one to best satisfy your needs.
A newer and increasingly popular option is the ductless AC unit, also known as a mini-split. If you aren’t familiar with these systems, read on. We’re glad to tell you all about them and help you determine if one could be right for you.

How Does a Ductless AC Unit Work?

Similar to central air conditioners, a ductless AC system has two main components. There is an indoor air handler connected by a conduit to an outdoor compressor and condenser unit. Multiple indoor units are easily connected to one outdoor unit
Unlike a central air conditioner, there is no need for ductwork. A ductless AC unit provides local zone climate control. It requires only a small opening needed to connect the indoor and outdoor components.
Because a ductless AC system functions similarly to a heat pump, it is also able to provide heat when needed. This can make a ductless system an ideal choice for rooms in need of supplementary heating or cooling.
Ductless systems are also great for rooms where a connection to original ductwork would be impractical, due to architectural restrictions or cost of installation.

Benefits of a Ductless AC Unit

Ductless systems can be a great alternative when you need to bring heating and cooling to spaces where conventional systems may not do the job. If one or more of these advantages sounds good to you, you may want to take a closer look at ductless options.

  • Flexible installation . Ductless AC units are a natural fit in rooms where ductwork can’t reach, such as new additions, three-season rooms, or spaces where your central air conditioning simply lacks the power to cool. Units are small and easily mounted on a ceiling or wall.
  • Greater security. Unlike a window air conditioner, a ductless system requires only a small hole for the conduit to connect the two components. Your home will be less vulnerable to intruders.
  • Energy efficient. In addition to an overall energy consumption reduction of up to 30 percent , ductless AC units avoid the energy lost through duct leakage with a central unit, or through the space required for a window unit. This energy savings translates to lower operating costs and more money in your pocket.
  • Air quality. A ductless AC unit provides air filtration for the area it heats or cools. If you have a room with a specific filtration need, such as the elimination of allergens or odors, a ductless unit could be the solution for you.

Energy Savers is Your Ductless AC Headquarters

For more than 40 years, Energy Savers has helped home and business owners achieve ultimate air conditioning temperature comfort. We also service and repair all brands of ductless AC equipment and provide air quality solutions.
If you would like a free estimate on a new ductless air conditioner, please call us . Financing is available for new air conditioning and heating units. It’s better to install a new and more efficient system today, especially if it allows you to save money on energy bills. Give yourself the gift of improved safety, air quality and comfort.
Every day we come to work to provide quality products and great customer service in and around Columbus, Georgia and Opelika, Alabama. For better comfort and healthy air, call us for help today.