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What Are the Benefits of a Whole House Air Cleaner?

Whole house air cleaner

A whole house air cleaner is a great solution for Georgia and Alabama homeowners who are looking for relief from airborne allergens and other contaminants that make their way into the home. Our indoor air quality professionals explain how these devices work with your HVAC system to deliver cleaner indoor air as well as the valuable benefits they provide.

How a Whole House Air Purifier Works

A whole house air purifier is a device that is installed with your heating and cooling system to remove airborne contaminants cycling through your home’s air supply. We offer two types of air purifiers:

UV Air Purifier

The Solaris Photocatalytic (PCO) Air Purifier uniquely combines the technologies of UV light, photocatalytic oxidation and ionization to improve the air at the molecular and microscopic levels. Solaris air purifiers work 24 hours a day to break down the molecules of contamination and destroy toxic fumes, household odors and VOCs.

Infinity Air Purifier DGAPA

The Infinity air purifier works silently in-line with your HVAC system to make the air you breathe healthier. The Infinity air purifier uses a “catch and kill” approach. It traps up to 95% of particles and then uses an electrical charge to kill them.

Benefits Delivered by Whole House Air Purifiers

The benefits delivered by whole house air cleaner installation are numerous. Below, take a peak at a few of the leading benefits provided by this device:

Healthier Air Supply

A whole house air cleaner helps you fight back against air quality issues that plague your household. With the installation of an air cleaner, you’ll gain superior allergen filtration while eliminating the spread of mold and viruses to protect everyone in the home. Whole house air cleaners are valuable in any home, but for those with allergy sufferers and weakened immune systems, these systems are especially helpful for maintaining a healthy home environment.

Protection for Your HVAC System

The job of a basic furnace filter is to remove airborne contaminants, protecting the HVAC system from buildup that leads to reduced performance and energy efficiency. However, many homes use low-quality replacement filters that allow many contaminants to pass through and settle in the system.

A whole home air purifier provides advanced filtration and traps more of the contaminants within the home’s air supply. Not only does this help the occupants of the home to breathe easier with lessened exposure to allergens and other harmful matter, it keeps these particulates out of the HVAC system to protect its performance, maintain energy efficiency and preserve equipment service life.

A Cleaner Home

With more airborne contaminants being removed from circulation in the home, surfaces in living areas stay cleaner with less effort. A whole house air cleaner removes dust particles and other matter, preventing recirculation into living areas where they settle on surfaces, electronics and other items. With a whole house air cleaning solution, you’ll notice your home stays cleaner longer.

Air purifiers also help tackle unwanted odors in the home. With a whole house air purifier in place, cooking odors, smoke, odors from cleaners and more are reduced, leaving your home smelling fresh!

Let’s Talk About Installation Today!

Does a whole house air cleaner sound like a solution to the allergen and air quality problems you’ve been battling at home? Contact Energy Savers today to learn more about this technology and how it works to deliver better air quality for your family. Contact us today to receive a free installation estimate.