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How to Reduce Your HVAC Repair Expenses

Reduce HVAC repair costs

Many homeowners in Columbus, GA, and Opelika, AL, worry about the cost of repairing their heating and cooling equipment. Some even put off making a call for service because they worry about HVAC repair expenses, which causes more harm than good. Fixing a system malfunction doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. If you’re looking for a way to reduce HVAC repair expenses, Energy Savers has the solution! Contact us today for more information.

Maintenance Is the Key to Reduce HVAC Repair Expenses

Do you know both your heating and cooling systems need regular maintenance ? Furnaces, boilers, and air conditioners require service once per year, while heat pumps need two annual visits. Think of this maintenance much like an oil change or tune up for your car – it needs to be done at certain intervals to keep equipment running in good shape. You can imagine how well your car will run if it never has an oil change – about as good as your HVAC system if it never receives maintenance.

Maintenance performed by a skilled HVAC technician each season helps your heating and cooling equipment remain in good condition. All components are thoroughly inspected, cleaned, tested, and tuned up as needed to counteract the wear and tear that occurs over a typical heating or cooling season. By lessening wear and tear to the HVAC system, breakdowns and repairs can largely be avoided.

A tune up also offers the opportunity for your technician to catch minor system flaws and correct them early on before they devolve into costly malfunctions with high repair expenses. Many issues can be worsened by regular system use, and you may not know about them until expensive damage is done. Regular maintenance helps you avoid this issue and keep repair costs in check.

Don’t Allow Issues to Linger

As mentioned above, many homeowners put off calling for service when they notice heating or cooling system issues. Doing so may allow you to avoid HVAC repair expenses today, but you’re likely to pay a lot more in the end.

The longer you continue to operate your heating or cooling system when performance issues are present, the more extensive the problem becomes. By the time you do call us for service, damage is often much more severe. What could’ve been a simple fix months ago now requires major repair work or even the replacement of major components. Even worse, your system may be beyond repair and you’ll have to replace it entirely. If you thought HVAC system repair expenses were costly, they’re nothing compared to the cost of a new heating or air conditioning system.

After maintenance, the best way to keep your HVAC repair expenses as low as possible is to address system issues as soon as they’re discovered. Plus, a regular service appointment is much more affordable than the after-hours emergency repair call you’ll need when your system breaks down unexpectedly outside of regular business hours.

Service Plans Offer Savings

Because regular maintenance is a necessity for your comfort system, Energy Savers offers multiple ways to help you save on this service and more! When you join a Priority Service Plan , your heating and air conditioner maintenance visits are included in the cost, plus you receive valuable savings that lower HVAC repair expenses if the need arises.

As a member, you receive a 15 percent discount on any repairs your heating or air conditioning systems require. That’s an instant 15 percent reduction on your HVAC repair expenses! Plus, you automatically receive priority service, which can save you the expense of an emergency repair call.

HVAC Repair from Energy Savers

For over 40 years, Energy Savers has helped homeowners throughout our Alabama and Georgia service area keep their heating and cooling systems in top shape. We know HVAC repair expenses are a concern, which is why we offer several ways to help you save. When you need heating or air conditioning repair, contact us to schedule service right away.