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How Long Does a Thermostat Typically Last?


Do you still have an old analog round dial thermostat in your Columbus, GA, home? If so, it might be worth upgrading to a programmable, smart, or Wi-FI thermostat for more control over your home’s temperature settings and increased energy savings.

Even if your current thermostat seems to be operating fine, all thermostats have a shelf life, and they will eventually need to be replaced. Replacing it now rather than later will ensure that the unit won’t completely break down on a frigid winter’s night or triple-digit day in the summer. Your heating and cooling system won’t work if your thermostat breaks.

If you’re looking to replace your older thermostat unit with a new one, contact the heating, cooling, and indoor air quality experts at Energy Savers for professional and reliable service.

How Long Do Thermostats Last?

Unfortunately, just like the rest of your HVAC equipment, thermostats don’t last forever. But, just how long will a thermostat last? They generally last about 10 years but can last longer depending on the make, model, and type of thermostat. Over time, these systems start to age and a thermostat may malfunction because of normal wear and tear, dust accumulation, wiring issues, and rusting.

We believe the best time to buy a new thermostat is when you replace your entire heating and cooling system. HVAC systems last about 15 years, so when you’re replacing your entire system, go ahead and swap out your older thermostat for a more recent unit that is compatible with your heating and cooling unit. Turn to the professionals at Energy Savers for help.

What Type of Thermostat Should You Buy?

If you’ve made the decision to replace your damaged or faulty thermostat, you may be in for a big surprise when you learn how far thermostats have advanced in terms of their technology. We’ll discuss the three most common types of thermostats that are available today to help you find the best replacement option.

Programmable thermostat

Programmable thermostats are a popular choice among homeowners in Columbus, GA, and the surrounding areas. They allow you to pre-set the temperature around your schedule. For example, if you’re away from home during the day on Mondays and Wednesdays, you can pre-set the temperature to be higher in the summer and cooler in the winter to create energy savings.

All recent models of programmable thermostats allow for 7-day programming, meaning you can set individual temperature schedules for each day of the week. With a programmable thermostat, you’ll spend less time adjusting your temperatures and more time relaxing.

Wi-Fi programmable thermostat

Wi-Fi thermostats offer all of the benefits of a regular programmable thermostat but with one big advantage – they’re connected to your home’s Wi-Fi. This allows you to adjust the temperature and make any change from your smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer while you’re away from home. Wi-Fi thermostats have an app or online portal where you can control settings and view important information such as home energy usage.

Smart thermostats

Smart thermostats are the most technologically advanced units on the market. They do everything the other types of thermostats can, including hitting the set temperature, but even more. Smart thermostats have learning capabilities that allow them to learn your household’s schedule and preferences and automatically adjust the temperature for energy savings and optimal comfort. They can also monitor energy usage and even alert you if your heating and air conditioning system needs repairs.

Thermostat Installation Services from Energy Savers

You can install a thermostat yourself, but we highly recommend contacting a professional HVAC company to perform the work. Proper installation is of the utmost importance in order for your thermostat and heating or cooling system to work together properly. If your thermostat is unresponsive or you notice any display issues, your thermostat may have been improperly installed.

Because there are so many types of thermostats available, our technicians will work with you to find the best unit for you and your home’s needs. It’s important to note that not all types of thermostats work with certain heating and air conditioning equipment, so you don’t want to make the mistake of buying one that isn’t compatible with your system.

Contact Energy Savers Today for a New Thermostat

A faulty thermostat can wreak havoc on a home. If it ever becomes unresponsive or fails to read correct temperatures, you could be stuck with air that’s too hot or too cold. If you troubleshoot the issue, only to find that a new thermostat is the best option for your home, get in touch with Energy Savers. No matter the cause, getting a replacement thermostat installed can take care of any thermostat issue.

Are you ready for a new thermostat in your Columbus, GA, area home? If so, then contact Energy Savers today! Our technicians will help you choose the right thermostat for your home and provide expert installation services. No matter the heating or cooling issue that comes your way, Energy Savers can help.