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What’s Included in a Heat Pump Maintenance Checklist?

Heat pump maintenance

In the fall, heating systems in Columbus, Georgia homes are due for maintenance! If you use a heat pump to heat your home as well as cool it during the summertime, don’t forget to schedule a tune up for this system before heating season starts. If you’ve ever wondered what happens during a professional tune up, Energy Savers walks you through our heat pump maintenance checklist below.

Heat Pump Maintenance Checklist

When you schedule a preventative maintenance tune up for your heat pump system, one of our highly skilled HVAC technicians will perform the services needed to keep your heat pump healthy and running in optimal condition this winter. We work off a comprehensive heat pump preventative maintenance checklist to ensure your system receives the specific care it needs to perform with maximized energy efficiency over the colder months all while limiting breakdowns caused by wear and tear from previous years.

Our heat pump maintenance service includes:

  • Lubrication of moving components like the blower motor and heat pump fan motor
  • Measurement of refrigerant levels and charge
  • Inspection of the blower motor belt, if applicable
  • Inspection and cleaning of blower motor assembly
  • Water cleaning of outdoor condenser coil
  • Inspection of indoor evaporator coil
  • Controls testing
  • Measurement of motor amperage
  • Tightening of system electrical connections
  • Flushing of the condensate drain system to remove and prevent clogs
  • Measurement of temperature drop and adjustment of blower speed, if necessary
  • Inspection of the disconnect box
  • Cleaning of system contactor
  • Inspection of start and run relays and capacitors

Why Schedule Heat Pump Maintenance in the Fall

Professional heat pump maintenance should be performed twice per year – once for cooling and once for heating. The steps are designed to get your HVAC system into top shape going into the next season of heavy use. Some of the benefits of maintaining heat pumps in the fall include:

  • When your professional tune up is completed before the first cold day of the year, you can be confident your system is in top condition to start this heating season.
  • With a skilled eye inspecting the entirety of your system during a tune up, we can often find minor system issues that can be repaired now to prevent future issues and further damage to the heat pump. These repairs can be completed in the fall before it’s time to use your heating system, so you aren’t stuck with a long wait for repairs later on in the year.
  • You can rest easy knowing that your system has been tested and it will work when it finally comes time to turn it on for the winter. That first cold day of the season is a busy time for HVAC professionals as many who skip fall maintenance face a rude awakening when they go to turn their heaters on once temperatures drop and find the system doesn’t work. Don’t let this happen to you as the wait for repairs will be much longer the longer into the year you wait.

Schedule Your Heat Pump Tune Up Today!

Energy Savers performs professional maintenance tune ups for all brands and models of heat pump heating and cooling systems. Call us today to schedule your fall tune up!