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What Are the Benefits of Ductless Heating Systems?

Ductless HVAC system

Ductless mini split HVAC systems are becoming more and more common as homeowners across the South learn about this technology. Ductless heating systems and cooling solutions can create a more comfortable indoor environment, and at a lower cost compared to some alternatives! Before you replace your existing HVAC units, consider the valuable benefits offered by ductless heating systems.

How Ductless HVAC Systems Work

Ductless HVAC systems don’t work the same way as a conventional forced air furnace or central air conditioning system. Instead of pumping hot or cold air across the house from a central location, these systems use a network of indoor air handling units connected to an outdoor unit to deliver hot or cold air directly in the targeted location without the need for conditioned air to travel through ducts.

Outside, a heat pump or air conditioner is installed and connected to the various indoor air handlers by refrigerant lines. Each indoor air handler contains a coil for heat transfer, air filter, and blower to push out conditioned air. Ductless mini split systems using a heat pump can offer both cooling and heating using this technology, but electric heat strips can be added to systems using a heat pump or air conditioner for heating use.

Benefits of Ductless Heat Pump Systems

Ductless mini split systems are a type of heating and cooling system that can offer reliable year-round comfort in homes where conventional furnaces and air conditioners just aren’t cutting it. Here are some of the top benefits homeowners enjoy when they install ductless heating systems at home.

Individualized Comfort Control

Because ductless heat pumps use multiple air handlers, using them is basically like having a personal heating unit in every area of the home! In the HVAC world, we call this zoning – zoned heating and cooling isn’t something that a typical furnace or air conditioner is capable of without the addition of specialized equipment.

What’s so great about zoning? Zoned heating and cooling systems allow occupants to adjust temperatures in certain spaces with a remote control without disrupting conditions in other areas of the home. With a conventional central heating and air system, adjusting the thermostat because one area is cold causes all areas to receive additional heat – each area isn’t heated based on its individual needs. This type of heating can cause some areas to feel comfortable, while others are too hot, and certain rooms have cold spots.

Better Energy Efficiency and Savings

With the elimination of cold spots and accounting for different temperature preferences, ductless heating systems can help homeowners save energy and money. Because heat is only sent to the area where it is needed, these systems don’t use as much energy as conventional furnaces, nor do they waste heating in areas where it isn’t wanted. With ductless heating systems, less energy is used to achieve better comfort, and homeowners notice their winter heating bills are less than before!

Installation Flexibility

Without the need for ductwork, ductless heating systems can go where forced air furnaces can’t. Choosing a ductless HVAC system can save you money on installation if your home doesn’t have ducts or the ducts require replacement and the cost is just too much for your budget. In older homes that weren’t built with ductwork, installing a full duct system can take up space and cause unattractive sight lines that homeowners just don’t want.

What’s also great about the flexibility ductless heating systems offer is they can be installed in other scenarios where additional heating is needed but the current furnace cannot accommodate whether due to capacity or performance. Ductless systems can include one or multiple zones, making them a great choice for whole home comfort as well as adding heat to new living spaces like a recently finished attic or new home addition. If you notice cold spots in a certain area when using the existing furnace, adding a ductless heating unit to that area can provide the supplemental heat you need to stay warm and cozy.

Ductless Heating Systems for Georgia and Alabama Homes

If ductless heating systems sound like the solution you’ve been searching for, don’t wait any longer to improve your family’s home comfort! Contact Energy Savers to learn more about ductless HVAC solutions and receive an estimate for installation of a ductless heating system.