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$89 One-Time Spring Tune-Up (Reg. $125)

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Priority Service Plan

Stay comfortable, save money with our service coverage

Who can afford the time or inconvenience of a broken heating or air conditioning system? Most repairs can cost hundreds of dollars—and most equipment breakdowns happen at the worst times. That’s why many of our customers have enrolled in our Priority Service Plan to guarantee their comfort—and to save money. This plan includes annual heating and cooling tune-ups to reduce the risk of problems and keep your system operating at peak efficiency for maximum energy savings.

Benefits of enrolling in the Energy Savers Priority Service Plan

You’ll help your equipment to maintain efficiency

Systems not properly maintained lose efficiency. That means that professional heating and cooling system maintenance will often pay for itself in energy efficiency savings alone.

15% discount on repairs

The savings on just one big heating or cooling repair can pay back your plan investment and keep money in your pocket!

You’ll keep your warranty in place

If you install a new heating or cooling system, its warranty may be voided if you don’t follow through on the regular maintenance that the manufacturer recommends.

You’ll earn Loyalty Credits

For every consecutive year you renew your coverage, you are eligible to earn $50 in annual Loyalty Credits–– up to $500. Apply these credits to save money when you purchase new equipment that we install for you.

You’ll get priority service

When you sign up for our plan, you’ll get priority scheduling for your preventive maintenance service. We also provide emergency service up to 8 p.m. 365 days of the year exclusively for our service plan customers.

You’ll prevent many expensive repairs

With regular annual maintenance service visits, our expert heating and cooling technicians can spot small problems before they become big ones, often helping you to avoid a costly breakdown. They can also give you a heads up when it’s smart time to invest in a new heating or cooling system upgrade rather than pouring more money into fixing older, worn-out equipment.

You’ll protect your investment

Your home comfort systems are among the biggest investments you’ll make in your home. Regular preventive care from a professional makes sure they keep running safely and efficiently. Our maintenance plan agreement includes both an annual heating and cooling system tune-up/safety check to help extend their life span, so you get more for your money.
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